A Letter from our Pastors

Dear Faithful,

As you know, we are currently not able to offer public Masses in the Diocese of Tulsa, and in most of the country.
However, please know that Bishop Konderla has asked all of the priests in the Diocese to offer their private Holy Masses for your intentions, which Fr Eggleston and I will eagerly do.

Also, please note that Most Precious Blood will be open every day for Adoration of Our Lord in the Tabernacle, as well as confessions, as follows:

Monday – Friday 5 pm – 7 pm
Saturday 9 am – 11 am
Sunday 8 am – 12 pm

Currently, we are not able to safely open at earlier times during the week, due to the construction upgrades of our vestibule and choir loft.

I would ask, that for everyone’s safety, to try to maintain a safe social distance while in church, in line for confessions, and if socializing afterwards.

When not able to attend Holy Mass during this time, please consider prayerfully watching a live Mass or a recorded Mass on http://livemass.net/

Also suggested, would be to read through the daily Lenten Mass in your missals, making the prayers in the Lenten Masses your own, and meditating on the Psalms, Epistles, and Gospels each day.

The Holy Rosary, offered for the sick, the vulnerable, and the anxious, would also be highly suggested, as would prayer, as well as meditation on the Sacred Scriptures.

On Sundays, although dispensed from attendance at Holy Mass, please make every effort to sanctify the Lord’s Day, using the suggestions above.

Fr Eggleston and I would ask for your prayers during this extraordinary Lenten Season, and assure you of ours.

Finally, if anyone has difficulty getting out to shop for necessities, please let us know, as parishioners have volunteered to help.

Devotedly in Christ,

Fr William Define, Pastor
Fr Earl Eggleston, Associate Pastor