We are the FSSP Apostolate in Tulsa, OK

Welcome to our website! Most Precious Blood Parish, formerly known as the Parish of St. Peter, is an apostolate of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, FSSP (Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri). We are a Roman Catholic Parish that follows what Pope Benedict XVI called the Extraordinary Form. This means that our Mass and sacraments follow the rubrics in place in 1962. Mass and the sacraments are in Latin, the official language of the universal Church.

Don't know what a Latin Mass is like? Check out the video on this page. The traditional Mass is one of ethereal beauty and has been around for almost 1700 years. We invite you to join us to celebrate and experience the Mass of the Saints with us.

Instaurare Omnia in Christo!
(Restore all things in Christ!)

What does a Latin or Tridentine Mass look like?

Check out this video which shows the beauty and reverence of the traditional Mass.

Calendar-iconPlease Reserve Parish Resources

Our parishioners are welcome to hold meetings and events at the parish provided they contact the secretary in advance to ensure the space is available and can be unlocked (Father has off-site meetings and days off, therefore he might not be around). The thermostat(s) must be set back to 76 before you lock up. Various rooms and the projector are reserved on the parish calendar.

Please call 918-615-8404 (Press 4) or email mailto:[email protected]

Thank you!

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Current Prayer Requests

✟  Please pray for Evan and Kathryn Smith, the Zuiker family, Fr. Calvin Goodwin, FSSP, Fr. Joseph Hearty, FSSP, Doug Keller, the Campbell family, especially their son Nicholas, Stella Martin's family, David Kulp, the Hudson families, David Cornelius, Elliott Webster, Cameron Pless, Carol Baker, Johnny Ray, Pat Sargent, Carmela Yacovazzi, Don, Catherine and Lisa Roberts, the Suarez family, Jean Wilkins, Martin and Judy Keating, and all parishioners in need.

✟  Please pray for the happy repose of the souls of Mary Ann Conway, Troy Johnson, Norma Costello, Grazyna Pagacz, James Milot, Shelby DePrisco, Frank Gruenewald, Irwin Johnson, Jeffrey DeVries, Lorraine Higgins, Helen Sniezek, Catherine Obirieze, Marjorie Brosnahan, Naomi Thomason, Maria Van-der-Putten, Larry Rickert, Timothy Hunt, Terry Jenkins, Douglas Gosnell, James J. Davis, Sr., Rita Ike, Earl Sargent, Fr. Lucian Astuto, Bishop Barry Jones (Christchurch, NZ), Fr. James Rodis, Betty Robert, Mary Ella Nye, David Coughlin, Jr., and all the Holy Souls.

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New Parishioners

If you're new to our parish, welcome!

You may complete a Registration Form at your convenience. It can be downloaded from the About tab or found in the vestibule.

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Simply shop at smile.amazon.com, add Most Precious Blood Parish (Tulsa) as the organization that you're supporting, and we'll earn 0.5% on every purchase. It's really that easy and we sincerely appreciate it!

May God Bless You.


The easyTithe website will allow our parish to accept online donations.

+++This is a future capability.+++


There is an app for iPhone/iPad and Android that allows you to keep up-to-date with the events at our parish. Some of the features include:

  • Mass Times
  • Link to Douay-Rheims Bible
  • Bulletins (Seen more easily on an iPad or Tablet)
  • Parish Announcements
  • Scheduled Events
  • Sermons from various priests, i.e. Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen
  • Videos
  • Prayer Wall to Post Prayer Intentions
  • Push Notifications (in case Mass is cancelled suddenly)
  • Online donation capability via “easytithe.com” (coming soon)

You can download the application as directed below from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android.

  1. Open either the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android)
  2. Search for ChurchLink
  3. Install the ChurchLink App (white icon with red church building)
  4. Once app is installed launch it
  5. Search for Most Precious Blood and you should see the Parish come up

Thanks and we hope you enjoy it. God Bless.


Very Delicious Coffee!

FREE Traditional Catholic Books Online


While hardbound books are a real treasure, some of us don't have the space or the resources to purchase all that we'd like to read.

Use these links to read text, Kindle and .pdf versions of titles such as "The Imitation of Christ" (Thomas a Kempis) in the first section below or "The Liturgical Year" (Dom Prosper Gueranger) in the second section. 

Please say a prayer for the sanctification of the website creator of traditionalcatholic.co; it is a true labor of love to have so many resources under one roof! May God reward you for your charity.





Butler's Lives of the Saints

Use this great link to read an internet version of "Lives of the Saints" by Alban Butler, Benziger Bros. edition [1894] which is broken down by month.